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University or higher education institution (tertiary level)

The University of Bremen is represented by the Centre for Multimedia in Education (ZMML). ZMML is a cooperatively operated competence centre for instructional technology, e-learning, multimedia solutions as well as mobile networks and supports the Bremen International Graduate School for Marine Sciences (GLOMAR). The common goal and efforts in realizing the University’s integrated multimedia development plan, strongly supported by the university head and local government, has enabled the university to become one of the 8 "Best Practice" universities in Europe with profound e-learning excellence since 2004 and the winner of the German "Medida-Prix 2009". The ZMML initiates and coordinates international projects on use of ICT in education; identifies, develops, accumulates and disseminates collaborative e-learning scenarios; collaborates with universities, corporations, agencies, and community-based organizations to design, develop, use, and evaluate personalised learning systems.

Role in the project

The University of Bremen will be the lead partner, responsible for the management of the project, coordination and fulfillment of work. UNI HB will take part in implementation of the Collaboration platform. This platform will be used for the project management, for the joint work of all teachers and students during and after the project. UNI HB will introduce the new technologies for the creation of eLearning materials in the form of "Mobile lectures" and will take part in the in the implementation of the e(m)-Learning modules in the scope of syllabi for bachelor , master and doctoral program. Further, UNI HB will transfer e-learning didactic and methodical experiences for training students in three-level curricula to all partners. Finally, UNI HB will support the Russia partners in issues of evaluation and sustainability.

Contact person:
Managing Director
Dr. Yildiray Ogurol


Universität Bremen
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